Alva Conger

Sous Chef

Alva Conger - Sous Chef

Sous Chef Alva Conger grew up in Vermilion, OH where he graduated from Vermilion High School in 2008. While working at a local restaurant to help put himself through college, he realized that his true passion was in the kitchen….creating fun and unique dishes and working in a fast-paced but rewarding environment. Alva has been working in restaurants since he was 14, washing dishes and working his way up to the kitchen line. “Throughout my career in this industry, I've picked up and utilized every bit of information and knowledge available to me”

Alva joined the Ciao Bella family in 2016 and proved himself to be a dedicated and passionate chef, therefore, moving up the chain very quickly and landing a position as Sous Chef. “After 14 years in the restaurants, I have finally found a place that I love to work and really enjoy working side by side with some of the best in the industry”