Tom Boyer

Executive Chef

Tom Boyer, Executive ChefLike many chefs, Tom’s love and passion for cooking did not start in a restaurant atmosphere. His interest began when he was young attending Sunday dinners with his Italian Grandmother Delores. Whether it was helping to stir and taste the Sunday Sauce until it was just right, simmering for hours but never boiling, or helping her frail hands to strain the “Basta”. He was always drawn to the kitchen. After high school Tom wanted to decide on a career, so he turned to his passion for food and hospitality into his dream by attending Columbus Culinary Institute. Once graduated, at the age of 21, he became Executive Chef at a small restaurant just south of Columbus, while also doing consultation work on the side. Eventually, he wanted to move back to his hometown of Cleveland where he became Executive Sous Chef at the legendary L’albatros Brasserie and Bar for four years. Due to his hard work and dedication to the job he was promoted to the Executive Chef position at Ristorante Chinato in the heart of downtown Cleveland where he spent four and a half great years. When the time came to move on, he decided to move to his personal favorite location; Marblehead Ohio. It was then when Tom was once again drawn back into the kitchen and began his career with us at Ciao Bella in Port Clinton, Ohio. After about a year he was offered the Executive Chef position and jumped at the opportunity. 

“If you put love into your food, it will love you back. Everything is about balance.”